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New salmon sashimi bowl restaurant in Tokyo’s Harajuku perfect for hungry fashion fans, bears
 Japan Today 01/25/2017

Fantastic food, cool conversation, dazzling decor
 The Japan Times 12/14/2017

New Dragon Ball Cafe Opens In Japan
 Kotaku 12/11/2017

Food companies in space race to beef up menu for astronauts
 Asahi Shimbun 12/04/2017

Staying on top of winter in Japan with snowshoes
 The Japan Times 11/24/2017

Trump's cheeseburger in Japan still drawing lines
 Japan Today 11/17/2017

Back home, at last: Lawry’s The Prime Rib returns to Akasaka
 Japan Today 11/10/2017

Countdown to 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics
 NHK WORLD 10/27/2017

Easy Japanese for dining out: From asking for an English menu to ordering your food
 Japan Today 10/24/2017

Japan's Ajinomoto AGF to launch coffee e-commerce in China
 Nikkei Asian Review 10/12/2017

Food, folks and film: Yamagata festival dives deep into documentaries
 The Japan Times 10/5/2017

Bento booster / Layered bento a way to mix up routine
 The Japan News 9/28/2017

The true identity of Cup Noodle’s 'mystery meat'
 Japan Today 9/21/2017

Bon Odori Open Base at NAF Atsugi
 Stripes Japan 8/21/2017

Sayonara, soy sauce stains!
 Japan Today 8/8/2017

Japan’s New Black Ramen Is for Everyone Who's Tired of Rainbow Food
 Nikkei Asian Review 7/25/2017

Japan’s New Black Ramen Is for Everyone Who's Tired of Rainbow Food
 The Daily Meal 7/20/2017

Sweet sensations cool summertime swelter
 The Japan Times 7/13/2017

Shokugeki no Soma: Yuto Tsukuda Tests American Junk Food on the AX Stage
 MANGA.TOKYO 7/5/2017

Move over square watermelons – Japan now has square watermelon bread!
 SoraNews24 7/4/2017

Meat and potatoes can be made healthier as a dinner salad
 Japan Today 6/29/2017

What will we eat when all the food runs out?
 The Japan Times 6/24/2017

T4 Tokyo - Eat, play ping pong, drink and repeat at Shibuya
 Japan Today 6/12/2017

Pierre Gagnaire: Food as art & the importance of meeting face to face
 Japan Today 5/23/2017

Fitness club Curves Japan champions food drives for charities
 The Japan Times 5/18/2017

Nissin hopes Chinese will devour noodle-flavored potato chips
 Nikkei Asian Review 5/12/2017

Häagen-Dazs Japan releases delectable new ice cream bar flavor — coconut!
 Rocketnews24 5/10/2017

Snack makers experiment with kombu
 The Japan News 4/15/2017

Sakura jellies containing whole cherry blossoms take the market by storm in Japan
 Rocket News24 3/6/2017

Yoshinoya, Japan’s biggest beef bowl chain, now serving fried chicken in Tokyo
 Japan Today 2/28/2017

Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day with insect sweets
 Japan Today 2/14/2017

Depachika: Foodie heaven in Japanese department store basements
 Stripes Japan 2/5/2017

Here’s why expensive 'ikura' sushi often comes with some cheap cucumber slices
 Japan Today 2/2/2017

Vendors cash in on Trump mania with premium burgers, chocolate and toilet paper
 The Japan Times 1/25/2017

Marvel superheroes become cute and tasty cakes in Japan
 Japan Today 1/17/2017

Everyday Exploration / Athletes’ food popular for nutrition among everyday folk
 The Japan News 1/10/2017

Private rooms for intimate gatherings
 Japan Today 12/22/2016

How to make sweet apple pancakes using a rice cooker
 Japan Today 12/14/2016

Girandole at Park Hyatt Tokyo - a brasserie of versatile elegance
 Japan Today 12/05/2016

How re-creating the ice age could solve food shortages
 Nikkei Asian Review 11/28/2016

Japanese region's cuisine is a hit in Southeast Asia
 Nikkei Asian Review 11/20/2016

Sushi hot dogs and burgers on the menu at Japanese sushi restaurant【Taste Test】
 Rocketnews24 11/16/2016

Sushi hot dogs and burgers on the menu at Japanese sushi restaurant【Taste Test】
 Rocketnews24 11/16/2016

Nagano town renders meat from pesky deer into pet food
 The Japan Times 11/15/2016

The many layers of Shinjuku
 Stripes Japan 11/14/2016

McDonald’s Japan adds deep-fried cheese cutlet sandwiches to menu
 Japan Today 11/2/2016

Popular bakery in Japan sells 'fingers' for Halloween
 Japan Today 10/26/2016

Food at 2nd ‘Tora-san’ summit echoes films’ flavor
 The Japan News 10/19/2016

Japan's fish farmers make a lot of scents
 Nikkei Asian Review 10/15/2016

Honey and butter-flavored purple sweet potato snacks
 Japan Today 10/13/2016

Japanese cafe flips burgers in contest inspired by U.S. election
 Japan Today 10/08/2016

‘Ninja takoyaki’ tempt tourists with squid ink at Osaka Castle
 Asahi Shimbun 10/04/2016

Japanese sake looks overseas as local market dries up
 Japan Today 09/26/2016

How Japan's Nissin noodles became Hong Kong's soul food
 Nikkei Asian Review 09/18/2016

Yakitori Ogawa: Traditional ‘yakitori’ served like high-end sushi
 The Japan Times 09/16/2016

Sales of Jun Mizutani Curry skyrocket, show why it pays to back your Olympic hopefuls
 Japan Today 09/10/2016

Outstanding in the Field in Fujisan Winery
 Japan Today 09/07/2016

All-Russian maid cafe opening in Japan, crowdfunding exceeds goal by over 800-percent
 RocketNews24 08/31/2016

Muslim hotel opens at Mount Fuji beauty spot, but so far no bookings
 The Japan Times 08/23/2016

Japanese minister urges Hong Kong to lift ban on food from areas near Fukushima plant
 Japan Today 08/15/2016

 Stripes Japan 08/09/2016

New film on Tsukiji fish market captures essence of 'Japan's lively kitchen'
 Japan Today 07/24/2016

‘Yamaimo': Japan’s slimy mountain yam
 The Japan Times 07/16/2016

Fried udon munchies let noodle lovers enjoy their favorite dish anywhere
 Japan Today 06/28/2016

Japan burger chain to recruit part-timers in 5 languages
 Nikkei Asian Review 06/18/2016

Beef bowl chain Yoshinoya’s historic first store to close; special countdown site launched
 Japan Today 06/05/2016

Agricultural theme parks cropping up nationwide
 The Japan News 05/22/2016

Wagyu vs kokusangyu – The difference between the two types of Japanese beef
 Japan Today 05/18/2016

Food makers use green powdered tea, tofu to fuel granola boom
 Asahi Shimbun 04/23/2016

Riding Japan’s bullet train network from one end to the other
 Japan Today 04/16/2016

The only thing better than Japanese cooking videos are miniature Japanese cooking videos!
 RocketNews24 04/10/2016

Knowing how to slice, cook your onions makes big difference
 Japan Today 04/06/2016

Kyoto tea store collaborates with local winemaker to create green matcha white wine
 Japan Today 03/30/2016

Starbucks to offer alcohol at Marunouchi outlet
 The Japan Times 03/16/2016

We try the sakura macaron and cherry blossom iced drink from Lindt Japan
 RocketNews24 03/12/2016

Peanuts for babies? Studies back allergy-preventing strategy
 Japan Today 03/06/2016

Japanese cake maker creates cherry blossom tiramisu
 RocketNews24 03/01/2016

Arita ware targets gourmets
 The Japan News 02/24/2016

10 things you probably didn’t know about sake
 Daily New 02/20/2016

Green tea chocolate-covered potato chips
 Japan Today 02/10/2016

Natto overseas, no strings attached
 The Japan News 02/05/2016

Elevate your next Subway sandwich with the great taste of yakisoba
 RocketNews24 02/01/2016

Peach Boy frozen snacks are strawberry flavored… with real apple juice
 Japan Today 01/29/2016

Sweet on British puddings: Baker and author brings a taste of her former home back to Japan
 Japan Today 01/25/2016

Japan to set up certification program for ‘washoku’ chefs overseas
 The Japan Times 01/18/2016

Chilled parcel deliveries boosting Japan’s fresh food exports
 The Japan Times 01/13/2016

Japan's rice exporters shift into high gear in Southeast Asia
 Nikkei Asian Review 01/10/2016

Iron king no more: Nutrition table revision leaves hijiki in the dust
 Nikkei Asian Review 01/07/2016

Japan’s crappiest curry restaurant set to close, debuts its most putrid menu items in farewell
 RocketNews24 12/24/2015

Don’t drink alone! Nine Japanese snacks to accompany sake that you’ve probably never tried
 RocketNews24 12/20/2015

Snacks On Snacks: A Needlessly Thorough Look At The Strange Food Of Japan Crate
 ComicsAlliance 12/16/2015

Waseda University offering ridiculously cheap breakfasts
 Japan Today 12/02/2015

New cookbook turns takoyaki maker into versatile multi-tasker
 Japan Today 11/29/2015

Why Are So Many U.S. Chefs Obsessed With Japanese Food?
 Zagatx 11/23/2015

100-year recipe / Taste of Japanese mom / Chinese-style steamed glutinous rice
 The Japan News 11/20/2015

Learning about sushi, kimonos and more while dining with locals in Japan thanks to EatWith
 National Post 11/05/2015

Japanese traditional confectioner offers line of eye-grabbing Halloween sweets
 Japan Today 10/10/2015

New citrus-yuzu-salt-flavored Jagariko potato sticks are delicious and cheap
 Japan Today 09/25/2015

Conveyor belt restaurant chain Kappa Zushi offers vegetable sushi at swanky new restaurants
 Japan Today 09/19/2015

Food, Fun, Music and Dancing at the Roppongi Hills Bon Odori
 Japan Today 09/17/2015

Abe visits flood-hit city as rescuers search for missing
 Japan Today 09/12/2015

Ups & Downs / Takeshi Nakajima, Kiwa Corp.
 The Japan New 09/10/2015

Japan tourism website touts regional food treats, activities
 The Japan Times 09/04/2015

KFC Japan celebrates Colonel’s birthday with all-you-can-eat fried chicken, free for some kids
 RocketNews24 09/01/2015

Chip burgers and burger chips hit convenience stores
 The Japan Times 08/21/2015

Would you eat RAMEN flavoured ice cream?
 Daily Mail 08/18/2015

The complete guide to sushi in one handy picture
 RocketNews24 08/09/2015

Tokyo bar transformed into Sailor Moon cafe until the end of September
 The Japan Times 08/03/2015

Chukaman: Chewy takeout from Chinatown
 The Japan News 07/31/2015

Ramen Takes Off as Global Soul Food 07/28/2015

Embrace the avocado sushi abomination
 The Japan Time 07/25/2015

You can touch but you can’t eat: We made food replicas from wax in Asakusa, and you can too!
 RocketNews24 07/15/2015

Food price hikes set to continue through summer
 The Japan News 07/12/2015

Kyoto named best city again by U.S. travel magazine

 The Japan News : 07/09/2015

We tried the expensive but delicious curry at Ishikawa’s Go! Go! Curry! But is it worth the trip?

 RocketNews24 : 06/30/2015

Local gourmet trains offer great food, scenery

 The Japan News : 06/26/2015

Art fair at Hotel Granvia Osaka; summer BBQ at Hilton Tokyo Narita; fine French fare at Cerulean Tower

 The Japan Times : 06/25/2015

Dive into the culture of Minamiboso

 The Japan Times : 06/20/2015

A short history of Japan’s long noodles

 The Japan Times : 06/19/2015

Red Cheeseburgers Coming to Burger King Japan This Summer

 Headlines & Global News : 06/18/2015

‘Islam street’ in Shinjuku a microcosm of Muslim life in Japan

 Asahi Shimbun : 06/16/2015

Giving it all up to make broth

 The Japan News : 06/15/2015

Raw pork liver fans say goodbye to banned sashimi

 The Japan Times : 06/12/2015

A wealth of wine at Meiji Shrine

 The Japan News : 06/11/2015

Sake sips into line with Scotch and champagne

 Asahi Shimbun : 06/09/2015

Tiny Japanese brewery links up with Italian town to make unique sake

 Asahi Shimbun : 06/07/2015

“Japanese steak sandwich” flavour potato chips have us slavering over our keyboards!

 RocketNews24 : 06/06/2015

Festival-themed food area in Akihabara to feature Japan's regional delicacies

 Asahi Shimbun : 06/04/2015

Major brewers promoting 'healthy' nonalcoholic beer

 The Japan Times : 06/02/2015

Shōjin ryōri chefs offer vegetarian cooking classes in English

 The Japan Times : 05/29/2015

Bento street vendors face new regulatory challenges

 The Japan News : 05/28/2015

Panel OK’s plan to ban raw pork at restaurants

 The Japan News : 05/27/2015

It's ramen Italian-style as first foreigner opens shop at Yokohama noodle museum

 Asahi Shimbun : 05/26/2015

Firms making efforts to sell katsuobushi in Europe

 The Japan News : 05/25/2015

A feast for all sushi lovers — the amazing 1,000-yen lunch at Sushi Takehan Wakatsuki!

 RocketNews24 : 05/24/2015

Japan files complaint with WTO over S. Korea food import bans

 Digital Journal : 05/23/2015

100-year-recipe / Taste of Japanese mom / Mabo-dofu
 The Japan News : 05/22/2015

Japan Takes Food Spat With South Korea to WTO

 Wall Street Journal : 05/21/2015

Unreal Eel: Japan Researchers Breed Unagi-Tasting Catfish

 Wall Street Journal (blog) : 05/20/2015

Cheap and Delicious “B Gourmet” : 05/16/2015

Nanban dishes are fit for a barbarian

 The Japan Times : 05/15/2015

The Mother of all Bentos–a Japanese meal that’s to die for

 RocketNews24 : 05/14/2015

Got a great recipe using soy sauce? You might win Y100,000

 Japan Today : 05/12/2015

Researchers cast their hopes on farmed catfish as tasty 'unagi' substitute

 Asahi Shimbun : 05/09/2015

Happy Hour: Japan’s Brewers Finally Get Serious About Craft Beer

 The Japan Times : 05/08/2015

We try deliciously meaty US-style “Inside-Out” ramen burgers at Ramen Burger Tokyo

 RocketNews24 : 05/07/2015

Traditional Japanese shop to showcase flying-fish paste at food expo in Milan

 The Japan Times : 05/06/2015

How Is Saké Made?
 Yahoo Food : 05/02/2015

Shinagawa Station’s great wall of sake

 The Japan Times : 05/01/2015

Sophia selling halal boxed lunches

 The Japan Times : 05/01/2015

Japan’s food diversity key theme at Milan expo

 The Japan Times : 04/28/2015

In search of Tokyo’s vegetarian bentōs

 The Japan Times : 04/24/2015

Suntory Launches Collagen-Infused Beer Aimed at Japanese Women

 Forbes : 04/23/2015

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Fast and easy vegetables dressed in tofu sauce

 Asahi Shimbun : 04/22/2015

Yoshinoya to lure quick drinkers

 The Japan News : 04/21/2015

Traditional dried daikon bound for Milan expo

 The Japan Times : 04/20/2015

Joy of bullet-train bento: the world's finest packed lunches

 The Independent : 04/18/2015

Table for one / Making the most of donabe pots / Spring cabbage in the style of sauerkraut

 The Japan News : 04/17/2015

Family-style eateries give ‘izakaya’ competition with evening bar services

 The Japan Times : 04/16/2015

Vegetarian Yoshinoya? We taste test the chain’s new veggie rice bowl

 RocketNews24 : 04/15/2015

Pair of Japanese mangoes sold for $2,500

 Deccan Chronicle : 04/14/2015

Alcoholic tea ceremony? We try Suntory’s new matcha green tea liquor 【Taste test】

 RocketNews24 : 04/13/2015

Owl on your shoulder? It's a hoot in Tokyo, where animal cafés offer much more than cat's meow

 Hamilton Spectator : 04/10/2015

Tour Japan ramen museums

 Pacific Daily News : 04/09/2015

Kit Kat Sandwich Is A Thing: Japan’s Latest WEIRD Fast Food Reaches Stores

 Food World News : 04/08/2015

Ueno Park — aesthetic, bustling, global landmark

 The Japan Times : 04/07/2015

Vegetarian ramen in Tokyo? Not only is it available, it’s apparently pretty great too!

 RocketNews24 : 04/06/2015

Revival of Japan's Wild Game Cuisine : 04/03/2015

Here’s what we got when we ordered the chef’s recommendation…at McDonald’s!

 RocketNews24 : 04/02/2015

Why the Japanese live so long

 Business Insider : 04/01/2015

No Crying in the Kitchen: Japan Firm Engineers Tear-Less Onions

 Wall Street Journal (blog) : 03/31/2015

Monjayaki, the popular Tokyo dish you’ve probably never heard of 【RocketKitchen】

 RocketNews24 : 03/30/2015

Travel: American skiers find food, sumo, friendship, culture in Japan

 Presspubs : 03/29/2015

JOY OF HOKKAIDO FOOD: Bean expert on a mission to spread appetite for indigenous varieties
 Asahi Shimbun : 03/28/2015

We love wagyu! We spend an evening learning about (and eating) Japanese beef
 RocketNews24 : 03/26/2015

Sea urchin, raw jellyfish and 'deadly' pufferfish: Weirdest foods to try in Japan
 Daily Star : 03/25/2015

Japan holds its own among Asia’s best
 The Japan Times : 03/24/2015

A Japanese restaurant is selling KitKat sandwiches : 03/23/2015

The charm of rural Japan in full bloom
 Bangkok Post : 03/19/2015

Burger King Japan's Whopper Perfume Should Be A Joke, Might Not Be
 Tech Times : 03/18/2015

Abashiri: Home of Japan’s Prison Museum, Prison Cafeteria, and Prison Beer
 RocketNews24 : 03/18/2015

Food over Flowers! Magnolia Bakery’s cherry blossom cupcakes have arrived in time for spring!
 RocketNews24 : 03/18/2015

Unosato’s old ways still shine in flashy Shibuya
 The Japan Times : 03/17/2015

Japan’s Mos burger releases inaugural tower burger to celebrate new Tokyo Tower outlet opening
 RocketNews24 : 03/13/2015

Nearly One in Five Japanese Reluctant to Buy Fukushima Food
 Wall Street Journal : 03/11/2015

The best restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto – chosen by Japan’s top chefs
 The Guardian : 03/10/2015

It’s the Sush-iPhone! Japanese trend for raw fish-shaped accessories stretches the bounds of taste
 Daily Mail : 03/04/2015

Classic Japanese ramen gets high honors : 03/04/2015

Black Mont Blanc: The most loved ice cream in Japan you can only buy in Kyushu
 RocketNews24 : 03/03/2015

Whisky Demand Rocketing in Japan
 NDTV : 03/02/2015

Prince William: Duke of Cambridge dresses as a Japanese Samurai ...
 International Business Times UK : 03/01/2015

JOY OF HOKKAIDO FOOD: Travel firm hooks up tourists with Hokkaido delicacies
 Asahi Shimbun : 02/28/2015

Japan has made eggs that smell and taste like fruit
 Metro : 02/25/2015

Where’s the beef? Kyoto looks to carve out global niche
 The Japan Times : 02/22/2015

Sushi rice served right adds color to any springtime menu
 The Japan Times : 02/17/2015

Matcha for a sweet tooth
 The Japan News : 02/16/2015

JOY OF HOKKAIDO FOOD: Master sake brewer turns to rice from Japan's northernmost prefecture
 Asahi Shimbun : 02/14/2015

In praise of Japan’s regional cuisine
 Japan Today : 02/14/2015

3 Healthy Food Lessons from Japan
 A Place for Mom Senior Living News and Trends (blog) : 02/13/2015

Fruity koshu keeps Japanese wineries in high spirits
 The Star Online : 02/12/2015

Broader appeal key to export growth
 The Japan News : 02/11/2015

Japan's deflationary challenge caught in a bottle of ketchup
 Interactive Investor : 02/10/2015

Plumbing the delicious depths of February with ume
 The Japan Times : 02/09/2015

Kansai proves no barrier to travel
 The Japan Times : 02/07/2015

Eat your beans the doubly delicious way with this mushiyaki edamame recipe 【RocketKitchen】
 RocketNews24 : 02/06/2015

Mini-mania! Real Japanese food, but in hamster-sized portions
 RocketNews24 : 02/05/2015

Tuck into tradition at Nabeya
 The Japan Times : 02/04/2015

'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 2 Yields Kaneki, Touka And Rize Themed Food In Japanese Restaurants
 KpopStarz : 02/03/2015

JOY OF HOKKAIDO FOOD: Yezo deer hunters help to spread venison around Japan
 Asahi Shimbun : 01/31/2015

Ogres and Magic Beans: Japan’s Setsubun Tradition : 01/31/2015

Neat dreams: Japan’s traditional ryokan inns are an enriching place to lay your head
 National Post : 01/30/2015

It’s a hoot hanging out with owls at this Tokyo cafe
 The Japan Times : 01/29/2015

World’s Largest Indoor Farm In Japan Produces 100 Times More Food Than Other Farms
 The Inquisitr : 01/27/2015

Spreading culture through cuisine
 The Japan Times : 01/21/2015

Spaghetti Napolitan is Japan's unique take on pasta
 The Japan Times : 01/20/2015

Washoku vying with fast food
 The Japan Times : 01/18/2015

JOY OF HOKKAIDO FOOD: Savory fish sauce in northern Japan tickles taste buds
 Asahi Shimbun : 01/17/2015

The True Origin of the Fortune Cookie
 POPSUGAR : 01/17/2015

JAPAN'S ORGANIC FOODS: It's not easy making homemade miso worth bragging about
 Asahi Shimbun : 01/15/2015

JAPAN'S ORGANIC FOODS: It's not easy making homemade miso worth bragging about
 Asahi Shimbun : 01/15/2015

Japanese indoor farm is 100 times more productive than open fields : 01/13/2015

JAPAN'S ORGANIC FOODS: Sake brewery wins by going against the grain
 Asahi Shimbun : 01/13/2015

Food education the law in Japan : 01/12/2015

Spectre of deflation horrifies bankers, but Japan now has a taste for it
 The Guardian : 01/11/2015

Redzepi: ‘I think the restaurant staff in Japan are some of the best on Earth’
 The Japan Times : 01/09/2015

McDonald's Japan apologizes after tooth, plastic found in food
 Reuters : 01/08/2015

JAPAN'S ORGANIC FOODS: Break out the mold and go for real 'sweet sake'
 Asahi Shimbun : 01/06/2015

What a catch: Man pays $37,500 for huge tuna
 CNBC : 01/05/2015

Happy Kentucky Fried New Year! And this year’s KFC New Year Lucky Bag contains…?
 RocketNews24 : 01/03/2015

Head to a temple for a New Year’s meal
 The Japan News : 12/30/2014

Bountiful Aomori 1 / Struggling for survival with ‘Tsugaru Peach’
 The Japan News : 12/29/2014

Japanese vegetarians campaign for Tokyo's 50,000 restaurants to offer meat free dishes
 The Independent : 12/28/2014

Taco Rice: Yummy Tex-Mex cuisine, Okinawan style!
 RocketNews24 : 12/26/2014

Riding the Halal Wave: The Potential of Japanese Cuisine for Muslims : 12/26/2014

Early morning sushi in Osaka that’s a cut above the rest
 The Japan Times : 12/24/2014

Snuggle or Snack? The Cutest Cat-Shaped Treats From Japan
 Catster : 12/23/2014

Mayonnaise and takuan sandwich proves disgusting food combinations are big business in Japan
 RocketNews24 : 12/22/2014

Japan faces specter of a butter-less Christmas
 USA TODAY : 12/21/2014

Japan's Butter Shortage Whips Its Cake Makers Into A Frenzy
 KVNF Public Radio : 12/18/2014

10 Best Restaurants in Japan
 The Daily Meal : 12/16/2014

Seattle top chef throwdown sends winner to Washoku World Challenge
 Seattle Globalist : 12/16/2014

Sushi under threat from overfishing, claims Japan's most revered chef
 The Independent : 12/09/2014

Sake specialists give a lesson in culture
 The Japan Times : 12/09/2014

Production of in-flight halal airline meals on the rise after certification of Narita food company
 Mainichi Daily News : 12/07/2014

Secrets of the world’s top whisky: Japanese water and Spanish casks
 GMA News : 12/10/2014

Food Review: Futaba Japanese Restaurant
 The Roundup News : 12/03/2014

More Mindboggling Japanese Food Culture: The Tempura Shrimp Canon : 12/03/2014

New Tokyo Michelin Guide adds non-star Japanese restaurant list for budget gourmets
 Asahi Shimbun : 12/03/2014

Blowfish, washoku win Michelin stars as Tokyo keeps gourmet crown
 Reuters : 12/02/2014

Kinki University plans to triple farmed bluefin output
 Undercurrent News : 11/28/2014

Get a taste of Georgian wine at Festivin
 The Japan Times : 11/27/2014

A Culinary Calling in Tokyo
 Wall Street Journal : 11/26/2014

Food Fight as Diners Gripe at Jiro’s 12-Minute, $250 Meal
 Bloomberg : 11/26/2014

Rare ghost-white tuna caught off Bali — we go to see it on display in Shibuya!
 RocketNews24 : 11/25/2014

JOY OF HOKKAIDO FOOD: Hokkaido food fairs big ....
 Asahi Shimbun : 11/22/2014

Is it a potato or a prawn?: Kyoto farmers make a name ....
 The Japan News : 11/22/2014

Kobe, Japan to receive upscale KFC Colonel's Cafe on....
 The News Hub : 11/20/2014

Choosing Fast and Cheap Over High-End Chic in Yokoha....
 New York Times : 11/18/2014

Warm up over a shared hot pot
 The Japan Times : 11/18/2014

Japan receives UNESCO world heritage certificate for....
 Mainichi Daily News : 11/10/2014

The art of faux food: Japanese company makes real....
 The Japan Times : 10/25/2014

Japanese Food: What Is Itamemono?
 The Daily Meal : 10/23/2014

How Japan Makes Winter Food Very, Very Cute
 Kotaku Australia : 10/22/2014

Japanese Food: What Is Okonomiyaki?
 The Daily Meal : 10/21/2014

Major halal-food expo planned to help make Japan....
 The Japan Times : 09/25/2014

Japanese Food: Okinawa's Popular Dishes
 The Daily Meal : 09/24/2014

Japan's best food experiences
 Courier Mail : 09/23/2014

Wakisaka: comfort food on the streets of Osaka....
 The Japan Times : 09/23/2014

Eating Halal: Japanese Cuisine Becoming .... : 09/23/2014

A Japanese food stand is selling these horrifically ...
 Metro : 09/12/2014

Burger King launches black burger in Japan – and..
 The Guardian : 09/11/2014

Ranking restaurants, food a centuries-old tradition
 The Japan Times : 09/10/2014

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