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Detective Pikachu's electric roll ice cream coming to Japan to
 Japan Today 04/20/2019

Welcome to Japan at the dawn of the new era
 NHK WORLD 04/3/2019

New salmon sashimi bowl restaurant in Tokyo’s Harajuku perfect for hungry fashion fans, bears
 Japan Today 01/25/2017

Fantastic food, cool conversation, dazzling decor
 The Japan Times 12/14/2017

New Dragon Ball Cafe Opens In Japan
 Kotaku 12/11/2017

Food companies in space race to beef up menu for astronauts
 Asahi Shimbun 12/04/2017

Staying on top of winter in Japan with snowshoes
 The Japan Times 11/24/2017

Trump's cheeseburger in Japan still drawing lines
 Japan Today 11/17/2017

Back home, at last: Lawry’s The Prime Rib returns to Akasaka
 Japan Today 11/10/2017

Countdown to 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics
 NHK WORLD 10/27/2017

Easy Japanese for dining out: From asking for an English menu to ordering your food
 Japan Today 10/24/2017

Japan's Ajinomoto AGF to launch coffee e-commerce in China
 Nikkei Asian Review 10/12/2017

Food, folks and film: Yamagata festival dives deep into documentaries
 The Japan Times 10/5/2017

Bento booster / Layered bento a way to mix up routine
 The Japan News 9/28/2017

The true identity of Cup Noodle’s 'mystery meat'
 Japan Today 9/21/2017

Bon Odori Open Base at NAF Atsugi
 Stripes Japan 8/21/2017

Sayonara, soy sauce stains!
 Japan Today 8/8/2017

Japan’s New Black Ramen Is for Everyone Who's Tired of Rainbow Food
 Nikkei Asian Review 7/25/2017

Japan’s New Black Ramen Is for Everyone Who's Tired of Rainbow Food
 The Daily Meal 7/20/2017

Sweet sensations cool summertime swelter
 The Japan Times 7/13/2017

Shokugeki no Soma: Yuto Tsukuda Tests American Junk Food on the AX Stage
 MANGA.TOKYO 7/5/2017

Move over square watermelons – Japan now has square watermelon bread!
 SoraNews24 7/4/2017

Meat and potatoes can be made healthier as a dinner salad
 Japan Today 6/29/2017

What will we eat when all the food runs out?
 The Japan Times 6/24/2017

T4 Tokyo - Eat, play ping pong, drink and repeat at Shibuya
 Japan Today 6/12/2017

Pierre Gagnaire: Food as art & the importance of meeting face to face
 Japan Today 5/23/2017

Fitness club Curves Japan champions food drives for charities
 The Japan Times 5/18/2017

Nissin hopes Chinese will devour noodle-flavored potato chips
 Nikkei Asian Review 5/12/2017

Häagen-Dazs Japan releases delectable new ice cream bar flavor — coconut!
 Rocketnews24 5/10/2017

Snack makers experiment with kombu
 The Japan News 4/15/2017

Sakura jellies containing whole cherry blossoms take the market by storm in Japan
 Rocket News24 3/6/2017

Yoshinoya, Japan’s biggest beef bowl chain, now serving fried chicken in Tokyo
 Japan Today 2/28/2017

Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day with insect sweets
 Japan Today 2/14/2017

Depachika: Foodie heaven in Japanese department store basements
 Stripes Japan 2/5/2017

Here’s why expensive 'ikura' sushi often comes with some cheap cucumber slices
 Japan Today 2/2/2017

Vendors cash in on Trump mania with premium burgers, chocolate and toilet paper
 The Japan Times 1/25/2017

Marvel superheroes become cute and tasty cakes in Japan
 Japan Today 1/17/2017

Everyday Exploration / Athletes’ food popular for nutrition among everyday folk
 The Japan News 1/10/2017

Private rooms for intimate gatherings
 Japan Today 12/22/2016

How to make sweet apple pancakes using a rice cooker
 Japan Today 12/14/2016

Girandole at Park Hyatt Tokyo - a brasserie of versatile elegance
 Japan Today 12/05/2016

How re-creating the ice age could solve food shortages
 Nikkei Asian Review 11/28/2016

Japanese region's cuisine is a hit in Southeast Asia
 Nikkei Asian Review 11/20/2016

Sushi hot dogs and burgers on the menu at Japanese sushi restaurant【Taste Test】
 Rocketnews24 11/16/2016

Sushi hot dogs and burgers on the menu at Japanese sushi restaurant【Taste Test】
 Rocketnews24 11/16/2016

Nagano town renders meat from pesky deer into pet food
 The Japan Times 11/15/2016

The many layers of Shinjuku
 Stripes Japan 11/14/2016

McDonald’s Japan adds deep-fried cheese cutlet sandwiches to menu
 Japan Today 11/2/2016

Popular bakery in Japan sells 'fingers' for Halloween
 Japan Today 10/26/2016

Food at 2nd ‘Tora-san’ summit echoes films’ flavor
 The Japan News 10/19/2016

Japan's fish farmers make a lot of scents
 Nikkei Asian Review 10/15/2016

Honey and butter-flavored purple sweet potato snacks
 Japan Today 10/13/2016

Japanese cafe flips burgers in contest inspired by U.S. election
 Japan Today 10/08/2016

‘Ninja takoyaki’ tempt tourists with squid ink at Osaka Castle
 Asahi Shimbun 10/04/2016

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