Yanagawa Nabe (Japanese Loach and Egg Hot Pot)

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Yanagawa Nabesake

Yanagawa Nabe
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Yanagawa Nabe ('柳川鍋', is classified into pot dish), is known as Japanese Loach and Egg Hot Pot in English, and 柳川锅 (Liǔchuān guō) in Chinese. It is the washoku.
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Japanese (日本語)

sakeAlcoholic foods or drinks.

1.Other names

Pond Loach and Egg Hot Pot, Loach Hot Pot in Soy Sauce with Eggs and Burdock.

 The general overview

2.The basic ingredients

Japanese Loach, Sugar, Sakealcohol, Japanese Leek, Bean Curd, Soy Sauce, Miso, Japanese Pepper, Egg, Burdock.

3.The different ingredients according to the restaurants

Dashi, Ginger, Dried Bonito Flakes, Mirinalcohol.

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4.Type of cooking



Tasty (Salty, Bitter, and Sweet).

6.Serving temperature

Warm, Hot.

7.Prevailing Price

Above ¥2,000 (1 pot; in Tokyo)

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