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179 Kinds of Sushi


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1. Chirashi Zushi(9)
Chirashi Zushi or Chirashi Sushi
Sushi rice topped with a variety of seafood (sashimi) and vegetables.
chirashi zushi
Chirashi Zushi
kaisen chirashi
Kaisen Zhirashi
sushi kaki
Sushi Keki
tekone zushi
Tekone Zushi
kani chirashi
Kani Chirashi
unagi chirashi
Unagi Chirashi
sake chirashi
Sake Chirashi
sansai chirashi
Sansai Chirashi
gomoku chirashi
Gomoku Chirashi

2. Inari Zushi(3)
Inari Zushi or Inari Sushi
Sushi rice wrapped in a salty and sweet aburaage (deep-fried tofu).
inari zushi
Inari Zushi
gomoku inari zushi
Gomoku Inari
sukeroku zushi

3. Maki Zushi(43)
Maki Zushi, Sushi Roll, or Maki Sushi
Sushi rice wrapped in a nori (Dried Laver) or thin omelet.
nori maki
Maki Zushi
futomaki zushi
eho maki
Ehou Maki

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