Sukeroku Zushi (Inari Sushi and Sushi Roll)

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Sukeroku Zushi

Sukeroku Zushi
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Sukeroku Zushi ('助六寿司', is classified into sushi), is known as Inari Sushi and Sushi Roll in English, and 助六寿司 (Zhù liù shòusī) in Chinese. It is the washoku.
Rare :
Japanese (日本語)

1.Other names

Sukeroku Sushi.

 The general overview

2.The basic ingredients

inari zushi
Inari Sushi
nori maki
Sushi Roll

3.The different ingredients according to the restaurants

Sushi Ginger
Soy Sauce

4.Related Japanese Style Recipe

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5.Type of cooking



Tasty (sweet, salty, and sour).

7.Serving temperature



Sukeroku zushi is a combo is Inari Zushi and Norimaki (Sushi Roll), and we can eat this dish at sushi restaurants, box lunch shops in the station, or convenience stores in Japan.

9.Prevailing Price

Above ¥510 (6 pieces; in Tokyo)

10.Japan Restaurant Search

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 Gogen Jiten(Ja)outsite 'Sukeroku Zushi'

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